Paroles de Feu

by Half Bomber

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Recorded and mixed at Beercan Studios in Bethlehem, PA by Phil Milia. Thanks buddy, we are eternally grateful!
Mastered by Alan.
Borrowed drums from the almighty Chris Whitey.


released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Half Bomber Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

..."preferring overdriven to distorted guitars, distorted to clean bass and a crooked approach to math-rock style drums they’ve landed on a certain "melodic quirkiness.”

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Track Name: Drainage
Not sure where to take this. Not sure where to go.
Can't expect solution from the irrational.

Awake, the haze is lifting...

Cannot break this cycle...should never have undertook,
Freshly worded bait from the same old rusty hook,

...time to go

...and i know the first step's hardest but it hasn't killed me yet
...and i know the future hasn't been laid out for me yet
...and i know if i do nothing then that's what i should expect
...and i know... it's time to go!

Safety is an illusion. Fear is the perfect home.
Cannot cross the ocean, til' I lose sight of the shores I know.
Track Name: All I Wanted
I don't know what to say so I won't say anything
I wasn't prepared to give it all away
I don't know what to think so why don't you leave it alone?

Now I find in your eyes...everything else seems to melt away

A year ago today is when I last saw you
You didn't know that i was hurting too
I don't know what to believe and you don't know how to care

And now you turn and walk away
The tears they smear the words I say
Will you come back and say what I want to hear?
Track Name: Thy Words Of Fire

In wondrous love Thou didst come down from heaven
To immolate Thyself, O Christ, for me;
So, in my turn, my love to Thee is given,
I wish to suffer and to die for Thee.
Thou, Lord, hast spoken this truth benign:
“To die for one loved tenderly
Of greatest love on earth is sign;”
And now, such love is mine, —
Such love for Thee!
Abide, abide with me, O Pilgrim blest!
Behind the hill fast sinks the dying day.
Helped by Thy cross I mount the rocky crest;
Oh, come, to guide me on my heavenward way.
To be like Thee is my desire;
Thy voice finds echo in my soul.
Suffering I crave!


Lift me above earth’s mire,
And sin’s control.
Chanting Thy victories, gloriously sublime,
The Seraphim — all heaven — cry to me,
That even Thou, to conquer sin and crime,
Upon this earth a sufferer needs must be.
For me, upon life’s dreary way,
What scorn, what anguish, Thou didst bear
Let me grow humble every day,
Be least of all, alway,
Thy lot to share!
Ah, Christ! Thy great example teaches me
Myself to humble, honors to despise.
Little and low like Thee I choose to be,
Forgetting self, so I may charm Thine eyes.
My peace I find in solitude,
Nor ask I more, dear Lord, than this:
Be Thou my sole beatitude, —
Ever, in Thee, renewed
My joy, my bliss!
Thou, the great God Whom earth and heaven adore,
Thou dwellest a prisoner for me night and day;
And every hour I hear Thy voice implore:
“ I thirst — I thirst — I thirst — for love alway!
I, too, Thy prisoner am I;
I, too, cry ever unto Thee
Thine own divine and tender cry:
“I thirst! Oh, let me die
Of love for Thee!”
For love of Thee I thirst! Fulfil my hope;
Augment in me Thine own celestial flame!
For love of Thee I thirst! Too scant earth’s scope.
The glorious Vision of Thy Face I claim!
My long slow martyrdom of fire
Still more and more consumeth me.
Thou art my joy, my one desire.
Jesu! may I expire
Of love for Thee!

April 30, 1896.

Poems of St. Teresa, Carmelite of Lisieux, known as the 'Little Flower of Jesus'
Track Name: A Message
I've tried and tried and tried to find another way
leaving empty handed. Nothing left to say.
I've followed every map that they have drawn for me.
The only thing I haven't tried is to be free.

Any fool can make a rule and any fool can mind it. Anyone can blaze a trail, just takes courage to find it.

Legacy can't be by praying to the ash.
Looking forward never looking at the past.
My only prayer would be that you can would feel this fire
and always strive to be the one that they admire.
Track Name: Dance In The Gaslight
Light the Gas...shed light on the contrary.
Disconnect...then you could be here with me.
Light 'em up...set fire the bridge I'm aboard.
Shut me down...the facts are still there if they're ignored.

I've got no fight left so I must be wrong.
I wait with bated breath. You win again.

Place the blame...bags packed for another trip.
Apologize...obvious misinterpret.
In the heart...where script for the mouth is seen.
Play the part...close cover before striking. Repeat.

You win again.